Aquafaba mayonnaise/ Eggless mayonnaise

Coconut craze

Have you heard of Aquafaba? I am sure you have some idea about this egg substitute that awed the vegan community. A couple of months ago, I read about this in a post by Poppy of and I was fascinated by it. I recently, had a sudden urge to try it.

mayoAquafaba is the briny liquid found in a can of beans. It is the viscous liquid surrounding the beans and the thing you discard before using beans. We ignorantly poured that precious liquid down the drain not realizing its extensive use. Now, there is good news for that slimy water. It works as a binder, leavening agent and emulsifier, exactly like egg whites. It can be whipped up into a fluff to make all kinds of amazing things, from meringues, marshmallows to cakes. Oh my, who would have thought! I would call it an incredible discovery!

Vegan mayonnaise on bread The idea…

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